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It's Never too Late

to Look Great!

Style for the Young-at-Heart

By Maggie Cox, Jun 26 2019 03:13PM

High up in the mountains, there was once, many years ago, a shepherd’s refuge. On a good day if you looked out across the valley and out to sea, you could see Ibiza.

And you still can! The difference is that the tiny shepherd’s shelter has turned into one of the best restaurants in all of Spain. My husband and I have always thought this. And every time we return it seems to get even better.

The husband and wife team who took over the refuge and created– La Venta del Collao - are Esmeralda and Saoro. Saoro makes meat dishes to die for, together with delicious salads, starters and puds. And Esme, front of house (and fluent in four languages) makes each guest feel she or he is a special family friend.

And all through the year, even Christmas day, you can enjoy good food and company. Inside, when the temperature drops, there are two log fires. And outside, on the large, shaded terrace, you get amazing mountain views and, almost always, sunshine.

By Maggie Cox, Jun 15 2019 10:04AM

What is good style? To be attention grabbing - or subtly merging?

This came into my mind recently when I remembered a well-known fashion designer saying ( sorry, I have forgotten her name but I remember her words well): "Good style is when people first see YOU, and then notice your CLOTHES"

I thought this puzzling. But I think I know now what she was saying. That your clothes should so fit in with who you are (I hesitate to say ´personality´) that people first see your face, and maybe something of what you are like. Clothes are noticed later. A shouty, or vibrant outfit that takes over is not good style.

Mmmm. Would love to know what you think. For me, the jury's out on this one.

By Maggie Cox, Jun 8 2019 01:45PM

Fashion advice says find your true self. Romantic, sporty, minimalist, classic....and all the rest. But how do you know? And aren´t we all a mixture? And don´t we change from day to day? Catch me on a good day and I reckon I am romantic. But tomorrow, after a bit of fresh air, I feel sporty coming on.

Okay. Finding yourself can be good advice. And the test is you have to feel comfortable in what you wear. If you have never thrown a ball, or worn jeans, you will look shifty, like you have forgotten your handbag, if you try to wear a sporty hoodie (even if its cashmere) And it's no good sprawling around if you are trying to make the most of an elegant, classic dress. You have to match up to a true part of what's inside you.

By Maggie Cox, May 23 2019 09:36AM

"Did you know", said friends visiting us in Spain, " that you have one of the most magnificent gardens in Spain just down the road from you". We didn´t. And we had known the area for 15 years. Oh dear. You don´t always see what is under your nose!

To try and make up for 15 years of neglect, we planned a visit straight away. And found a park of amazing variety. The most stunning garden we had ever seen! Majestic, tree- lined walkways, orange and lemon groves, semi-tamed wildernesses of wild flowers and winding paths, and the scent and sight of a million roses.

And a concert was planned for the weekend given by an instrumental trio. We booked ourselves in, and joined 200 or so others to enjoy music under the lemon trees. The odd lemon fell down, but everyone emerged unscathed!

I had dressed for the garden in flowery skirt and hat!

By Maggie Cox, May 11 2019 09:50AM

@sixtyandme tweeted a fascinating piece on how we look - and see - differently. One situation, and two people will not agree on the exact detail. What is out there is the same, but our brains do not agree.

So, on a prosaic level, here´s the answer to why one outfit to one person seems great - and to another is so awful she wouldn´t be seen dead in it! And why someone would swear on oath that a dress is green, when all the rest of know it´s blue!!

We actually see things differently, according to what our brains our choosing to believe.

Well, that sounds chaotic. But the cheery thing is that most of us see, roughly, what the rest of us see. There is lots of agreement. Thank goodness for that. Or we wouldn´t get through the day!

And time alters our perceptions. What I would never have worn in my youth, because I believed it made me look pregnant, I happily wear today becauce looks in style.

What do you think!

By Maggie Cox, Apr 21 2019 12:58PM

I’m so excited, because on Easter Saturday “It’s Never Too Late to Look Great” shot up the Kindle best seller list to become the second most popular fashion book in the county.

Is this a first for a style book written by someone who is not a celebrity fashionista, or a ‘star influencer’, but just a ‘normal’ woman who knows about style?

Thank you so much to all of you who have already bought my book in paperback or online and have given me such positive feedback.

To buy It’s Never Too Late to Look Great at an exclusive price of £6.60, go to and enter code STYLE!

By Maggie Cox, Apr 20 2019 11:51AM

If you’ve read my book, you’ll know how feel about Surprise - you can't be stylish without it!

But every day surprises (I am talking about nice ones!) are just as necessary. Why are presents wrapped up? To ramp up the surprise! This works better when we are very young …However, you get the idea. When you turn a corner and an unexpected amazing view takes your breath away.

Or, in my case, this week when I came upon a great fashion shop, almost hidden away, in a former stone warehouse in Plymouth. Identity Fashion it’s called, and is filled with Bulgarian designs both exclusive, and affordable, together with masses original accessories. The building is beautiful, and the clothes eclectic and exciting

What many of my young-hearted friends will love, is that many of the outfits are not perfect-figure-dependent. They have fluid, drapey, and often assymetical shapes that are easy to dress up or down.

What a surprise, and joy, to find such a dazzling display of unique designs when I had least expected.

Find information online at:

By Maggie Cox, Apr 13 2019 10:55AM

Annabel of Country Wives has just posted a review of "It''s Never too Late to Look Great" on their award-winning online magazine. She says:

"In this book Maggie Cox has challenged the fashion industry head on. She shows that women over

50 – and beyond – can still have relevance and style. No longer are we invisible...

.....One of the many things that I love about this book is that Maggie Cox expounds the theory that, whilst we may not have that so-called perfect model figure, we can still be beautiful....

.....This book includes many tips. It is a book of reassurance that you can look good at your age.

However it is written with humour and personal experience."

Thank you County Wives for your appreciative review. And thank you for including a code for your readers to buy the book at a discount price.

By Maggie Cox, Apr 8 2019 12:51PM

The new shop Essentiel Antwerp in the Kings Road in London has a candy-pink interior and rainbow rails and is filled with clothes that vibrate with colour, and print. Inge Onsea, is the woman behind the brand, and chooses bright colours for herself and her customers. And, what a joy! she thinks most women look better in colour, rather than black, and can be energised by it.

I ’ve thought this for years – and although colour consultants have been around for decades, it’s only been fairly recently that there has been plenty of mainstream colour on offer in shops and on-line. Now, we really do have the chance to indulge our choices and get a particular colour, or colour combination, in the brand we like.

I remember years ago It was always difficult to find the colour you wanted. I always liked yellow and I used to have to scratch around for months, even years! to find something in the right shade of yellow. The same went for any other, slightly unusual colour that took your fancy. But now, how different. Green for instance. Currently In vogue are iridescent shades of green that would that you could never imagined in your wildest imagination– a million miles away from the standard ‘bottle’ green of yesteryear…. although I may be going too far back for some of you to remember!

In my book, It’s Never Too Late to Look Great”, available now on-line and to order from any good book shop, I have lots to say about the joys and benefits of wearing the right colours to boost your looks and your mood.

And If you want to get an immediate buzz from colour go to the website.

By Maggie Cox, Apr 3 2019 12:19PM

I was interviewed the other day by local radio and was asked why I wrote my book, “It’s Never Too Late to Look Great!”. The first thing that came into my head was that I had a passion for fashion. So why the passion? I had to explain – and this is it.

I love the hunt. The search for new looks and colour combinations. I love the inventive often crazy, ideas that designers come up with. I love playing around with different separates and accessories. Putting unlikely things together like jumpers and pretty skirts. I love experimenting with colour combinations. I remember my mother used to say that she hated wearing something new the first time. I love it. An if someone says, “That looks good”, even better. I think a bit of vanity helps the world go round.

But there’s more to it. Looking good can change us. When we get it right we look better, feel better and get on with life more confidently. And this has got to be a huge bonus for us older ones. Being creative dressers stimulates the little grey cells we dearly want to hang on to!

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